Dear friends.......the first of the many testimonies are flowing out to us and once more I stand in awe at the faithfulness of the Lord and His encouragement to us as believers, to even try to explain the conditions and the pressure we were under during the outreaches we had in Pakistan would take up most of the newsletter yet through all the different challenges and hindrances of programs, security, terrain, culture, load shedding of electricity, government restrictions on time and travel and of course the immense spiritual pressure and being limited in what we could say and do.........also this was inner city outreaches and we travelled into areas where very few go, and we were exposed to the reality of what it is to be a Christian in a land that has only about 2% Christians and 96% Muslim, the other 2% is other religions. Yet in all this we were able to bring the word and pray for the sick and needy. I am waiting for feedback of those who committed their lives to follow Jesus, many gave their hearts publicly yet many could not .....yet I know when we reach heaven many hundreds and even many thousands  will be there, on three nights it was streamed out on the web and also there were videos that will be distributed and shown on the messages will go out and have gone out to many people and even to the neighboring countries....also the churches are revived and are reaching out with new vigor and fresh manna...........praise God, the Name of Jesus is lifted high and even in the strongholds of Satan the Gospel is storming the gates of hell........they shall not prevail against the Church.  

Once more thank you to all the partners and supporters that helped to make it possible to reach these people with the Gospel........also I know you are encouraged and I know you are with us in the frontlines with all you have............

God bless you as you hear this and even as you support us to Go forth again........ 

Greetings and love to you in Christ.....

Evangelist Ricky.........                       

Now is their time.....Now is their miracle

I have left the report in its original form to allow you to get it as I got it....

Blessing Ricky.


Dear Brother Ricky Greetings in the Lord's mighty name, How are you, your family & ministry...???
Now it is the time to share the testimonies of your great crusades that you have conducted here in my city "Faisalabad" from 7th to 13th May 2010. So testemonies are as under..................
(1). One woman's scare on neck has been healed immediatly after praying.
(2). One young girl healed from  the strain of his neck and body muscles.
(3). One young girl has been healed from the bondages of satan to whome the devil cateched tightly, she couldn't speak properly and her body muscles were also streched.
(4). 7 people's eye sight have been repared who couldn's see before praying.
(5). 13 people have been healed from chronic Hepatitis C.
(6). 23 people have been healed from joint pain, back pain and bodiache.
(7). 8 people have been healed from old Diabetes (Sugar).
(8). 17 peopel have been set free from the bondages of satan (Devil possesed).
(9). 14 people have been baptized with the holy spirit.
(10). 9 paralyzed people have been healed.
(11). 7 seven epileptic patients have been healed.
(12). 16 people including childrens have been healed from different kind of heart diseases.
(13). 22 people have been healed from different kind of stomach diseases.
(14). 8 people have been healed from lungs and breathing problem diseases.
(15). 3 duff and dum kids have been healed and 5 old people who couldn't speak and listen clearly have been healed.
(16). You prayed for many married women who don't have children after many years of their marriage, i believe that almighty God have touched them all and many will have children soon by the grace of almighty God.
(17).Our 2 guards also have been healed from back and shoulder pain when you have prayed for them in our car.
So brother these are the testemonies that i have collected from the pastors and myself. I personaly know the names of some people who have been healed from different sickneses..............If you say i will send their names with theri healings. I will also send the testemonies of Karachi crusades when i get the complete testemonies from the Karachi Pastors.

Plz continue to pray for us without ceasing.
Look fwd hear from you.
May God Bless You.
In Christ Love.
Pastor Ashir Israel (Pakistan)