As I sat down in the plane to the USA it was with much anticipation, I had just received a full report from Kenya outreach in 2009.....I also remembered when the plane from Nairobi Kenya was speeding down the runway towards Kisumu, how these words came to me" this is a historical flight and the area will never be the same again"I had felt an anointing on those words an joy flooded my heart. Now here I am again and the USA is the destination.....the report had confirmed that those words had been fulfilled and with them I knew that God would do mighty deeds in America as well. Now in hindsight I can really say that even what I anticipated has happened and as I plan our next outreach I know that "with God all things are possible and that Jesus is the same today as He was yesterday and will be the same tomorrow as we reach to the next nation". And I can confidently proclaim it to you my dear friend and partner in the Gospel that as we go forward together we will see greater and greater works as the Gospel and the close of the age speed towards the fulfillment of all that God has planned and the words of Jesus in Mat 24:14 "This Good News about the kingdom will be spread throughout the world as a testimony to all nations. Then the end will come"are fulfilled.

Dear friend we live in an exiting time and have such great opportunities to do something that has eternal consequence and value, lets strive together to be found faithful in our labors for the Lord..........
   Now is their time.....Now is their miracle

Blessing Evangelist Ricky van der Walt.


As I watched the videos of the healings, I realised afresh.... I am seeing God's hand moving powerfully ...I want to take my time to try to relay it to you.......

Even as I type this up I am touched as I remember what God has done........all the Glory to Jesus. 

From the very first service God was true to His word and many notable miracles were done during my stay in the USA, I was amazed to see what normally happens on outreaches happening in the churches and at every venue I went too people were healed.....many instantly and others only realised their healings a day or two later. I have doctors letters of eyes that needed surgery that are healed and double vision that was healed.....many eyes young and old were healed. Hearing aids were removed as people with 80% hearing loss heard again one venue alone more than ten people had theirs ears healed from partial loss to one person born deaf in one ear was istantly healed, some with years of noises in their ears are hearing normal. A young man with disleksia since birth was healed and is reported to be able to communicate for the first time in 19 years, A young girl's leg grew out more than two inches and her hips were re-aligned.......

Let me try to list them so we can gauge what God was doing...the following cases I sourced from the video camera's and some more that I was not able record I have tried to remember..........

1. Weak eyes and partial blind..........15 cases.
2. Deaf or partialy deaf or with noises or ringing in ears......26 cases.
3. Back pains.......8 cases.
4. Back accident.....3 cases.
5. Leg pains.......11 cases.
6. Short legs growing out.....5 cases.
7. Hip and lower back......9 cases.
8. Feet....3 cases.
9. Neck pains.....9 cases.
10.Whiplash.....3 cases.
11.Cartilage in knees.....5 cases.
12.Gout and arthritis....3 cases.
13.Shoulder and rotor cup.....8 cases.
14.Locked up shoulders and neck.....1 case.
15.Thyroid......3 cases.
16.Heart and high blood...4 cases.
17.Curved spine.....1 case.
18.Stroke...... 1 case.
19.Paralized .....1 case.
20.Shaking and twitching legs or arms ...2 cases.
21.Lungs and astma....3 cases.
22.Spinal injury....1 case.
23.Cripple.....3 cases.
24.Maimed in accident ....3 cases.
25.Lame arms....3 cases.
26.Cancers......3 cases.
27.Sugar......4 cases.
28.Cases of teeth, allergies, palms, sinus, lumps, blood desease, bone desease, stomach problems, wrists, shingels, warts, drugs.
29.Disleksia....3 cases.
30.Skitsophrenia....3 cases.
31.Deliverance from demonic oppression....6 cases.
32.Depression and anxeity....7 cases.

Councelling and healing was also done at the house I stayed at.......about 10 cases.....we also travelled and ministered to about 10 cases at their homes and one at hospital......then more than 50 cases at healing venue for healing, councelling and deliverances........

Brothers and sisters this is big and God needs the glory..........I have recieved many confirmations of the healing's.... yet many times when praying for people the will say "oh I was healed last year when you prayed for me".....please send me some verification and thanks as this encourages me to go forward......bless you as you read this and give God all the glory.