Dear friends....... God is so faithful and He has really encouraged me with the most recent report from Kenya.......I have been hearing reports from different Pastors about how the outreach had effected and touched the whole area, yet none of us could gauge the scope of what was done until now......this revival is still touching lives and many are requesting a follow up outreach..... I am humbled and moved by this report and I want to share it with you to encourage and build your faith.
I believe it will open your eyes to what God is doing and realise with us the harvest that is out there waiting for us.......since I have swung the direction of the ministry to what Holy Spirit is doing we have seen this return on our work....with the little I had I sowed all into this field and in good time the barns are filling up....I believe this year will see a multiplication of this many folds over, I stood on the large fields and staduims and know I will see them filled and that a great work of God is being done....I hope this excites you and makes the love of God burn in your does for me and I am ready to do this.

                              Now is their time.....Now is their miracle

I have left the report in its original form to allow you to get it as I got it....

Blessing Ricky.


Dear Ev.Ricky,
Peace and love to you from Kenya in Jesus name.Let me briefly highlight about Ahoro towm:

On top of the many other attractions that pull people towards it, Ahero is home to the Luo community of Kenya with a gigantic population of 8 million ( 20% of the entire Kenyan population) and lies only 19 kilometers from the regional center of Kisumu city on the shows of great lake Victoria. The Luo community lives primarily on farming and fishing activities from rivers that supply the vast Lake Victoria with fresh waters. Lake Victoria has a reputation of being the largest fresh water lake in Africa, which lies on a lager potion of 82% on both Uganda and Tanzania with the remaining 18% potion left for Nyanza and Western Provinces of Kenya. In this region, Ahero is the nearest fish depot for Kisii, Nyando and Kericho districts.
It is my utmost pleasure to give a follow up report of our last year July crusade with Evangelist Ricky Van De Walt.I know many might ask why this late?The reason is that a lot of healing and miracles did take place but we wanted to thoroughly and accurately verify with the recipients,medical reports and neighbors reports so that we authoritatively report on factual testimonies that i as the crusade host and coordinator been personally able to give credence and affirm.And this has been not easy as it involves moving from village to vilage, home to home and church to church.This was a interdenominational crusade that was purely geared towards winning souls to Christ Jesus.Secondly it was also for edifying and motivating the saints in the household of God.Both objectives were clearly met when the man of God Evangelist Ricky stepped for the first time in the Kenya soil.Another thing that has amazed us is that many more healings have continued to take place or to be fully realized several months after he had left Kenya on top of the instantaneous healing that take place when he was ministering.Thats signify the importance of faith walk in our christian life and always thank God and be patient for the manifestation of our healing..There was huge outpouring of the power of God as Evangelist Ricky started to minister in power and authority on the very first day of ministry during a house fellowship.People started to receive their healing from various kind of diseases.That was the day we knew that Ricky is not any other evangelist in town but that he is mightily anointed and commissioned of God for such a time as this for God's own glory.There is nothing so wonderful,sweet and precious to see people being healed both in spirit as well as bodily.So it was a time of celebration in the Lord Jesus Christ!We had both morning and evening sessions.The morning sessions advertised for the evening crusade as ev.Ricky reached out to the sick people even in their homes.One pastor,Mark who had an accident and could not walk for two years was among the recipient of Christ healing hand.There were heightened activities at the crusade ground as Holy spirit took took charge.As we conluded our first day of crusade the news of the healings and miracles soon spread like bush fire, far and wide.The Ahero town was a buzz with people talking about Jesus and and healings. One Bishop by the name Bishop John Kabunde came to me and confessed"i have read and heard about miracles and healings in books and magazines,but this time i am an eye witness as the blind see,the dump speak and the deaf ear!"
People with all kinds of sickness and diseases were brought so that Ev.Ricky could pray for them.Some came as far as the other side of Ombeyi.Some from Awasi.Others could walk,some were very weak.The spirit of expectancy was ripe in the field as everyone was yearning for a portion of his or her miracle or healing.The Lord God of Israel never dissapoints.When His servant Ricky started to minister every evening,the power of God powerfully manifested and engulfed the people.People were instantly being healed,delivered, and many more received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.Sunday which was our last day of the crusade the field was full to capacity.
We have verified and confirmed the below healings and miracles that the Lord has performed through His servant Ricky:
1.12 cases of TB healed.
2.2 cases of leukamia healed.
4.1 pakinson healed
5.17 AIDS cases healed
6.4 people healed of epilepsy
7.18 cases of tumor vanished.
8.3 cases of goitre vanished
9.14 cases of diabetes healed.
10.20 cases of eyesight healed, restored
11.4 cases of spinal cord injury healed
12.16 deaf cases healed
13.2 lame walk and 12 legs grew
14.30 stomach ulcers healed.
15.14 cases of migrain healed
16.Many cases of depression, hepertension,malaria,typhoid healed.
17.4 witchdotors were saved and joined the church.
18.6 new church plants have sprung up.Churches in Ahero and peripheny have doubled in attendance.
19.41 muslims were born again and added to the church.
20.About apprx. 16 thousands new believers were added to the church during the crusade.
We give God all the glory and let us continue to pray for evangelist Ricky.
Thanks and God bless.
Pastor John A.Obura